Slippers for men, find your comfy pair

What’s even more comfortable than relaxing in your pajamas? Relaxing in your pajamas wearing a comfy pair of slippers. Slippers have a great practical purpose – they keep your feet from getting dirty and from getting cold. But slippers are also great for letting your tired feet rest and some even have the added comfort of massaging insoles or snuggly sheepskin. Slippers come in many styles for men. Some slippers are made like a flip-flop sandal – they have a thong, small part that covers the top part of your foot, and are usually lined in sheepskin and have good traction. Speaking of traction, some slippers are made to wear both indoors and outdoors. These slippers have great traction but all the comfort of a traditional house slipper, and are perfect for walking the dog late at night or getting the newspaper in the morning. Other slippers are made like clogs, booties, open toe, moccasins, or even are made for the spa. With so many styles to choose from, there is a slipper that suits every man.

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For those who have a fun-loving side, some slippers actually are shaped like basketball shoes from favorite teams, or are shaped like cute animals. Some slippers are lined with sheepskin for additional comfort, while others have leather uppers or are made entirely out of leather. For those men who love comfort there are fuzzy slippers. These aren’t like giant puffballs, rather they are soft, comfortable, lined, and guaranteed to keep your feet warm. Other men may prefer slippers that are not lined and these actually look more like dress shoes. Prices range widely, so there is sure to be something everyone can afford.
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