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Fashionable Shoes for Men, Latest Trends for Spring & Summer 2011

This year’s forecast to men’s fashion shoes 2011 is all about light colors such as pastels and white. These colors are perfect for daytime or during spring & summer Boat shoes have slowly made its way back to the fashion scene since last year but will continue to be a big deal this year. What was a rave in the 90’s has once again caught the attention of many today. Watch out for soft fabrics such as suede and cotton, they are the latest trend and a definite must-have for this year. You can rock the boat shoes in both shorts and pants, excluding jeans that is. They are very simple and casual yet spices up a plain attire. Settle for a fun color that reminds you of summer. The boat shoes are very popular during this type of season after all. Moccasins are like distant relatives of the boat shoes. They are made out of deer skin so you’re guaranteed to have comfortable shoes. Grab one in a neutral color, preferably in white. Another blast from the past is the Espadrilles. They are made out of cotton or canvas that keeps your soles happy and in tip-top condition from walking all day long. These flat shoes are released in a variety of run and rich colors to keep up with the trend today. There’s a little twist in black shoes this year. A little bit of height is to be expected in the soles of the shoes. Think of dress shoes and sneakers combined. Elegantly styled yet casual at the same time. Trendy shoes for men for spring & summer are all about being laid back and relaxed. The use of soft fabrics is comfortable to wear all throughout the day and safe for a night’s event. Talk about casual chic.
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