Mens Sleeveless Mesh Shirt for the Active Man

A sleeveless shirt can either be a vest, a tank top or a shirt created without sleeves or with the sleeves removed. A tank top is an accepted athletic and summer casual wear in the US since the 70s and a popular men’s casual wear in most tropical countries. In Australia, a sleeves shirt is called a singlet, while in the UK a sleeveless shirt is called a vest. A sleeveless mesh shirt is a sleeveless shirt made of a loosely-woven fabric that looks like net that adds to the ventilation afforded by the outfit. Some think that the first sleeveless shirt came into being when an overheated athlete ripped off the sleeves of his shirt. But these days, a sleeveless shirt has become an indispensable sports fashion wear because of the coolness of the outfit both in looks and in feel. A sleeveless shirt displays the rounded shoulder muscle plus the triceps and biceps, at the same time leaving the muscles unbounded by fabric and free to move unfettered. Another advantage of a sleeveless shirt as a sports wear is the coolness it offers because of the air coming from the open armhole directly to the chest. A sleeveless mesh shirt is a fun and sexy wear that gives an unusual look and feel. It presents a certain flair that an ordinary t-shirt could never achieve. It has become a favored clothing item by most men who are sports oriented. Most of the famous male clothing companies have their own rendering of the sleeveless mess shirt that range from simple cotton to high-tech materials. Even when men are not playing sports, sleeveless mesh shirts are worn for any relaxed energetic environment such as hiking, biking, or even on the beach. Some male fashion experts feel though that sleeveless mesh shirt are best limited to these active environment and should not be made a substitute for men’s casual social garb.
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