Mens promise rings tips

A man’s promise ring shows that he is ready to commit to the woman he loves, even if he isn’t quite ready for marriage. Promise rings come in many styles, but all of them remind the wearer that he intends to marry the woman he loves – and tells other women that he’s off the market. These rings are very special, and can be worn on any finger and on either hand. Many times these rings are engraved on one or both sides. While it’s very common for a woman to wear a promise ring, more and more men are wearing them to assure the woman in their lives of their intentions. Men’s promise rings range from intricate engravings and woven rings to simple bands. They can range in price from under a hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. The price that you want to pay depends on your individual tastes and budget. Gaelic rings are very popular and often have the engraving of “Anam Cara” which means “soul friend.” These rings are for those who feel they have found their soul mate, and come in sterling silver for around $45 and also come in 14K gold for around $300. There are several different styles for you to choose from. Celtic knots or waves are also very popular and symbolize two lives joined together forever. A Turkish puzzle ring is a very interesting take on a promise ring. This affordable ring comes apart and then recombines in a very interesting trick, but you can only do the trick if you know how and only the wearer and the one who gave it knows how! Poesy rings date all the way back to the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, and are engraved with the French “Vous et nul autre,” which means “You and no other.” Some poesy rings are updated to be more modern with quotes from the Bible.
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