Mens Blazers and Cardigans Fashion Tips for Fall Season

Fall is one the most beautiful seasons of the year. The colors of fall are simply awesome and breathtaking. These splendid colors are reflected in the fabrics for clothes designed for the season but the textures of the fabrics are light enough to be worn during the mild fall days or in any season of the year. Fall fashion is also all about clothes layering, a fabulous fashion style that will surely test ones creativity and talent for mixing and matching. Two of the most must-haves for the fall season are blazers and cardigans. They are the essentials for that layered look that can transform an outfit from simple so-so attire to an ultra stylish look most men aim for. The advantage of blazers and cardigans is that they are not limited to an autumn or Winter wear. They are as fashionable and appropriate for upgrading a look for those cool spring and summer evenings.

Blazers for Fall

Blazers or sports coats, as they are sometimes called, are cool wear for the fall season, and the styles available give blazers a distinctive look all their own. Blazer designs for this fall are a resurgence of past styles; with elbow patches or patch work pockets, double-sided vents or big lapels. The materials can be corduroys or moleskin for a more casual vibe or cashmere, tweed or wool. Blazers are versatile enough to be worn with dress trousers, chinos jeans, or even with dressier shorts with a cardigan, a dress shirt or tees underneath.

Cardigans for Fall

For men who are not the blazers or sports jacket type, the cardigan is a great option. It is another must-have item in a man’s wardrobe as an all season wear but is most useful for the fall season. Cardigans are great for that layered look that makes fall a wonderful season for fashion. The more contemporary cardigans come in so many styles, from the form fitting to the more traditional. There are zip up cardigans or cardigans with buttons, with a deep V or a shallow V neck, round neck and even with a shawl collar.
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