Matching Fashion Style for Men

Let’s face it-sometimes a little bit of a makeover does the trick when it comes to a guy’s wardrobe. However, one of best ways to do this is to simply change the things that you are doing wrong. So we have compiled a list of the worst things that you can possibly do, matched with this year’s fashion trends. First of all, you need to remember that wearing clothes that don’t go together has many connotations. This includes styles of clothing. For example, if you want to wear a watchmen coat or greatcoat, which is now in style, you shouldn’t be pairing it with a pair of shoes and long socks and a pair of shorts. This not only looks ridiculous with a long coat, but it also looks ridiculous in any other outfit! Now, if you got rid of the coat and wore a tee-shirt instead, then you could easily get away with this! Matching Next, make sure your clothes are clean. The sniff test definitely doesn’t count—especially if you have any visible stains. Make sure that you have clean, fresh clothes on a daily basis and that they are completely and utterly stainless. If they aren’t, make sure to treat your clothing so that it does not have those stains any longer. Also, make sure that your clothes are aproned and neat without any wrinkles at all. Last, make sure that your clothes match color-wise. If not, use a color wheel in order to make it easier to match things together.
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