Man Bags Trends

Men have come to finally accept that they need more than the pockets that are on their jeans or other pants. Of course cargo pants are still a hot style and they do have lots of pockets but what fashionable man wants his pants pockets bulging with loads of stuff? Probably not many. So they are finally beginning to take to the man bag or murse. The man bag will still be a form of the messenger bag which evolved from the courier bag. They will be multi purpose bags that can carry an assortment of items. The trend is toward rectangular man bags not square ones. The colors are dark and the fabrics are leather which remains very popular. Leather man bags made from or made to look like vintage leather are very hot. Also man bags that match the shoes are considered cool. Whether they are a murse with a single long adjustable strap with outside pockets to organize items and also with inside pockets for the iPhone or a compartment for the iPad or a clutch men are carrying them. Some men are carrying a clutch but it is more like an envelope or pocket portfolio than a woman’s clutch. And again the colors will be dark. The fabric may be denim or canvas. This man bag does not have a handle it is meant to be clutched in the hand or carried snug under the top of the arm. Either style will save those pants pockets.
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