Indispensable pieces in the men’s dressing room

Pretty men in the old days were either decried or worshipped as dandies. Some of them were showcased through products, special clothing, flashy colours. Anything was good to get noticed and seen. But nowadays, being a well-groomed man is a plus. Whether at work, for a single man looking for his soul mate, or for a married man, to be cared for is a necessity. A man is more and more judged on his bet.

The essentials: high

Classic and timeless white tops are always a must in a men's wardrobe. Whether it's the white shirt, or the white t-shirt, they are classics to buy and renew at least once a year. They are strong pieces that should be used to look neat. The shine of white brings out the best in every outfit. There are even plain shirts that don't need to be ironed. The kind of men's clothing not to be left out is: the check shirt, the bulging jacket, the V-neck sweater, leather perfecto, ... .

The essential bottom pieces

The one piece of strength never to be overlooked in a man's dressing room is jeans. Classic, timeless, chic or relaxed, depending on the accessories attached to them, the existence of this piece is non-negotiable. But let it be clear, the jeans must be classic in colour: navy blue, black, dark grey, and without fuss, faded or holes. It is this classic and basic jeans that is the timeless and unavoidable piece. In a men's wardrobe worthy of the name, investing in brand name jeans is even a necessity. Another must-have also happens to be the dress pants. Whether it is a suit pants, or a dressed canvas pants (a chino).

Accessories, suit and shoes

The pouch is not a must if you don't carry anything around with you. But for those who carry cigarettes, lighters, keys, or any other type of object at all times, it is a necessity. The tailor-made suit is a must too. Indeed, a well-tailored, custom-made suit should adorn a man's wardrobe. Single or not, you have to look good at big events. It is not an outfit reserved exclusively for his wedding day. The belt, be it the classic black leather belt, or even why not the braided belt to add style, is a strong piece to match an outfit. When it comes to shoes, several are indispensable, but their common point must be that they are beautiful. A pair of black derbies, a pair of white sneakers, the brown moccasin, it depends on taste and color habits.
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