How to wear a polo shirt?

Not as formal as the shirt, but much more classy compared to the t-shirt, the polo shirt is always a hit, and offers a stylish look, both for going to work and for parties with friends. In the beginning, this piece was reserved for sportsmen, but since the sportswear look has been a success, polo has spread enormously in order to mix styles. Nowadays, wearing a polo shirt can offer an offbeat style, elegant or casual, to suit any occasion, while satisfying its owner. Discover in the following article, some tips for wearing polo shirts.

Casual, dressy or Italian style

In the simplest look, the polo shirt comes with jeans and a nice pair of sneakers. This outfit is a good option to enjoy summer on a terrace, wearing a well-kept casual outfit. In fact, polo gives a casual chic look to someone who, dressed in a shirt, could look very formal. It shows that for you, being dressed in style is your everyday life. A clean and sober polo shirt is recommended for this type of look. Polo can indeed replace the shirt on some outfits. For your Italian look, the combination of polo shirt and white pants is a perfect match.

Sportswear or casual look

For your sportswear look, the combination of polo shirt and faded or even destroyed jeans is a perfect match to support the casual side. A plain coloured polo shirt is recommended to keep it simple. The casual look is synonymous with urban and casual. For this look to be perfect, the polo should be worn with chino pants or plain raw denim. In winter, no matter what color polo shirt you wear, pair it with dark pants and soft leather shoes. In summer, a light-coloured polo shirt is recommended, to be worn with white chino or shorts (or the other way around) and sneakers.

Preppy, formal or offbeat look

The preppy look was inspired by the casual and sportswear look, but in a more formal and therefore classy version. For this look to succeed, the sober balance must be respected. The combination of khaki or beige trousers with a colourful polo shirt is ideal. Your polo shirt should be made of smooth fabric to avoid your formal look looking like sportswear. Stay classy by wearing your polo shirt with linen pants or tight-fitting suit pants with moccasins. Polo is far from being the outfit of good-looking old men or mature men. For an offbeat look, favour original polo shirts with colourful prints.
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