How to wear a parka?

The military overcoat inspired fashion designers in the creation of the parka. Sometimes it has a furry or windbreaker style. The parka is the ideal coat to fight the cold in winter and can also be worn mid-season. It is a great basic for your wardrobe. This coat combines style and comfort. So how can you wear it to be more stylish?

How to wear your parka?

The parka is also ideal for mid-season and not only for winter. For cool or rainy days, quickly put on your parka by removing the fur to make it lighter You can take it with you like the jacket, it will make your look more sophisticated and trendy than ever. You can also put it on with some shorts to make it less feminine. Wear it as you see fit because it doesn't require too many details as a style. You can wear it with a pretty printed dress, a t-shirt, pants, etc. The parka can go with it all the more as it gives off a younger image. The little extra of the parka is that it brings a cooler, more casual attitude to the way you dress. That's where the choice of colour comes from. Khaki or army parkas are the most popular because these colours are all-purpose. These are basic colours that are very popular with fashion addicts. So, you can choose to wear the parka with any garment, because this coat is a standard one, besides, it's always fashionable.

The parka, ideal for winter

If it's cold season at home, wear your parka over your parka. The parka is a warm overcoat so you can wear a simple t-shirt or a shirt with it. Denim or white shirts go well with a parka. You can also choose a printed shirt: check or polka dots according to your desire. During the winter, you can add the inside which is stuffed to become a coat. Then you can put on your jeans pants, with a small heel or a pair of white sneakers, everything can go with the parka.

Shoes and parka, how to combine?

Boots go very well with parkas. Whether they are black, brown or cream, they always match the look you want to stand out. A little flared dress with black boots and a parka, imagine the splendour of your style. Apart from the boots, opt for white sneakers with your parka. White sneakers are a basic part of your wardrobe, ideal for all seasons. Feminine but casual, sneakers give your outfit a younger look. For both men and women, the parka can be worn with any kind of clothing.
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