How to Wear a Blazer, Styling Tips for Men

Blazers are always in style no matter what the season might be. The important thing to remember with regards to men’s blazers is that it can go with almost anything. Here are some tips on how to wear a blazer the right way and on the right occasion. First, in a company with a casual business dress code, blazers offer a very practical solution to the problem of dressing respectably without going out of style. In most of these workplaces, khakis and polo shirts dominate the scene. The one who has the pizzazz to wear a blazer on the whole dress ensemble would look distinctive and chic. You can put a blazer on top of a dress shirt with a button down collar, adding a tie into it would furnish the look even further. A point collar shirt formalizes the collection a bit more. For your footwear, loafers, and monk strap shoes are all terrific choices. Knowing how to wear a blazer during events such as a dinner in a restaurant or attending a religious service can help you a lot. Blazers can add flavour to your overall attire. On these days, you cannot go wrong with wearing a crew neck shirt, with a deep V-neck cardigan beneath your trendy blazer. The advantage to this ensemble is that the t-shirt will act as a second skin or a protective cover to ensure warmth. It also prevents exposing your chest. The cardigan will keep you cosy and would offer a classic, stylish and up to date look. You can wear this with a straight leg version of your everyday jeans. For a casual event, you can opt for a more casual look which includes a collection of a long sleeve polo shirt or a turtle neck, slacks or straight leg jeans, and a blazer to finish the outfit. You can also wear a classic button down oxford coupled with cargo pants and of course a blazer.
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