Best Winter Wear for Men

Depending on where you live, chances are that as a man you are extremely confused about when to buy winter wear, what to buy and how to wear it. It’s no wonder! There are so many brands, types, styles and directions you can go with winter wear that it can be hard to decide and shop for stylish winter wear that looks, feels and wears well. The first thing to know about winter wear for men is that the fit literally is everything. Winter wear, because there is so much more fabric, means that how the garment fits is ever more important than any other type of clothes. When shopping for the perfect piece of winter clothing, do not buy it if you cannot try it on first. If you can’t let go of a piece, hire a good tailor to help it fit better. When it comes to coats, look for one with both buttons and a zipper for easy access whether you are staying out in the elements a long time or just for a minute. Winter boots should fit properly for walking in snow and still look good enough to wear to a dinner date if need be – remember boots aren’t an option in winter, they’re a necessity. Unfortunately there is no headwear for winter that doesn’t mess with hair a little bit, but trying wrap around earmuffs may help some if you don’t need a whole hat. Pants are of course your choice, but you can’t go wrong with a classic, rustic pair of dark wash blue jeans or khakis.
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