How to adopt the dandy look?

The dandy look is no longer just a simple fashion trend for men, it's a way of life. Originally from England, this look has gradually penetrated the borders of every country without exception thanks to globalization. Nowadays, dandyism is an integral part of men's fashion. What you need to know is that to adopt the dandy look, you need to know how to adapt it to your country and the air we live in nowadays. The term dandy is indeed used in a large number of cases. A dandy is a man who wants to be refined and elegant. In the following article, discover the best ways to adopt the dandy look.

The traditional dandy

Refined and eccentric, special attention is paid to the dandy, with his style of dress oscillating between the bohemian artist and the aristocrat. In addition, there are a large number of styles as many dandies as there are dandies, as each brings his or her own personal touch. On the other hand, there is a common desire for sophistication in every outfit, from timeless accessories such as the cane, gavroche cap, lavaliere, bow tie and three-piece curved suit. Nothing is left to chance, from the men's hairstyle to the jewellery. Indeed, for a traditional dandy look, the white shirt is the essential and primordial piece, accompanied by a lavaliere or a tie. With a fitted or slim-fitted cut, it will marvellously match a two- or three-piece tweed suit. To perfect your look, a trench coat or a pea jacket will be a must, accompanied by a square leather bag.

The modern dandy

In order to keep the dandy look while modernizing it, you can replace the tweed suit by a simple wool or cotton suit, mottled or grey, depending on the season. Always in the modern dandy spirit, you can also wear a stylish shirt accompanied by a cardigan, colourful chino pants and suede boots. And in winter, protect yourself from the cold with a black leather perfecto, and with a tweed scarf and beret as accessories. When the temperatures are warmer, you can replace the perfecto and scarf with a cotton and silk ch├Ęche and a suit vest.

The modernized traditional dandy

Let's go with a slightly more offbeat style, still with the base of the shirt, but this time with a grandfather collar. There is no rule that says that the marginal dandy must wear a tie. On the contrary, the look must be destructured. For cooler moments, take a long cardigan with a shawl collar, with as an accessory a scarf with paisley patterns, a necklace with a pendant and a leather bracelet. For sunny days, a sleeveless cardigan. For the perfect look, swell a slim fit with moccasins.
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