Having a Style or Following Latest Trends

There will always be that immortal debate on which is better, having a style or following a trend. Dressing up is has more freedom than most people would think. It is not after all just like dressing up a royal banquet where there are strict rules to follow. Indeed, there are rules in dressing up but there is freedom as well, such example is being underdressed is more fatal than being overly dresses and Styles do not need to be followed. Men who have styles are those ho are being followed. Though it may be fun to be trendy but at the end of the day, following trends may be something that can dent the pocket as opposed to style which can be a lifelong principle. Another point of contention is that style is something you are born with. There is an innate curiosity to those whose style has evolved overtime. It is one thing that people dictate to you what you should wear and what you want to wear. Oftentimes people are taught by magazines and other things to be more fashionable. Many are made to believe that what they see in the magazines are what they truly should be. To be more of a stylish person, you have to develop your own fashion style. The idea of seeing oneself in other people will have to be erased. To develop your own sense of style, there should be a process. There should be a sense of discovery for it is in this self-discovery that you find what your tastes are. Once the journey to self-discovery is complete, you can find what you truly want in style and in the long run, you can develop your own style. As the late great Coco Chanel would say, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”
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