Funeral dress code for men

One of the saddest occasions in any man’s life is when he has to attend a funeral. Funerals are very somber, formal, and respectful occasions. Part of being respectful is dressing appropriately for the funeral. Many people are actually confused as to what to wear to a funeral, but there are some very simple guidelines to follow. Men, if they want to dress traditionally, should wear a black suit. This means black suit jacket, black slacks, plain white shirt, a long, plain necktie, preferably black. There are exceptions to these rules. A black suit paired with a black turtleneck, black dress shirt and long black tie, a black dress shirt with the first button undone and no tie, or even a black t-shirt (preferably a silky one). These can all be acceptable, depending on the deceased and the family at the funeral. Dress shoes should be worn, not tennis shoes or boots. If you are a pall-bearer, then you should wear a suit that is dark, or at the least a dark colored sports coat with a tie. Some people don’t think that a funeral should be so dark. These people believe that the person’s death should indeed be grieved, but their life should be celebrated with some sort of color. Don’t go overboard with this. No wearing neon colors. Instead, wear a pale blue, deep red, or something similar. If there is going to be a religious service, then make sure that you dress appropriately. You should dress conservatively, in dark colors, and avoid wearing anything that is considered to be sexy. Since many men dress in sexy shirts or tight pants, they should tone it down for the service. If in doubt, check with the party beforehand, just in case all black is requested or some other combination.
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