Flexibility, The Ultimate Casual Fashion Rule for Men

An average guy will find himself hard put to compete with guys who may not be that good looking but have oodles of money to spend on clothes to make him get noticed. But in reality, guys do not have to spend much to look good particularly in a casual setting. All it needs is a few basic pieces plus the right accessories to fine-tune the looks he wants to achieve and provide a wide range of options in creating the looks. In other words, all you need are basic items and accessories for greater flexibility. Flexibility is the name of the game as far as men’s casual fashion is concerned.

The basics

For greater flexibility, you start with the basic casual wardrobe essentials such as trousers, jeans, button-down shirts and tees. Most of these items you most probably have already, but go through them since some of them may need upgrading. The secret is to keep your basics more contemporary or up-to-date. A pair of jeans you bought several years ago may no longer fit into the “current” trend. Build your updated basic casual essentials and from then on maintaining it will be fairly easy. Buying one or two item each year might be sufficient to keep you attuned with the times. With the right kind of accessories these basic casual wardrobe essentials can bring you from one style to another, place to place and occasion to occasion


Once you’ve built your basics, turn your attention to accessories that will create the styles you want to achieve. These accessories will change your basics to fashion statements. Examples of these basics are belts, shoes, watches, hats, scarves, jewelries and even sweaters and jackets. Take a plain tee shirt and jeans, if it’s the hipster look you want to achieve, then pair the outfit with Doc Martens or Converse sneakers, two hipster staples. Another hipster staple is a flamboyant belt – the more colorful, gaudier and excessive the better. If you prefer the preppy look, throw over the same jeans and tees or tie around your waist an argyle or cable cold sweater and slip on a black leather loafer, with a chunky men’s watch for added accent, and presto! The preppy look!
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