Fashion Tips for Big Guys

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are the tall big guy. This type of physique is one that is the dream of most women who wants their man to give them that secure and protected feeling. It is also the envy of some men not gifted with that tall and strong-looking body. There was a time when buying clothes off the rack can be a problem. Most men’s line of fashion were made for the regularly built male not for the tall heavily built man. These days however, more and more men clothes designers and manufacturers are coming out with clothes for these tall big men. Here are some fashion tips to capitalize on your size and come out sexy and trendy: If you can afford it, have your clothes tailored made for you, particularly suits and even trousers, so that you can have that perfect style and fit that best suit you. In the long run, a tailored-made suit will be more cost effective than off the-rack suits or clothing since these tailored made suits last longer than ready -made clothes. If you are having your blazer tailor made, make sure that your tailor makes a single-breasted blazer for you, double-breasted blazers tend to make the chest look wider. For shirts, sweaters, and other type of tops, tall big men should stay away horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes or shirts with solid colors will look best on tall big men. Horizontal stripes will make a big man look broader while vertical stripes will give an illusion of a longer trunk. Solid colors are best though since it is most flattering to men of big and hefty build. Choose V-neck shirts since these elongates the neck and draw attention downwards and away from a thick neck. For cloth materials, linen, cotton and thin wool blends are the best for sweaters and shirts. For trousers, avoid pleated trousers since this add volume to your already thick girth. Make sure that trousers and pants fit well, not too tight nor should it be loose or baggy. Too tight pants will emphasize your trunk – like thighs while baggy or loose pants will make you look bigger than you really are. Wear your pants high on the waist; never wear low-slung jeans or pants. Pants worn well above the hips will allow the fabric to cover the stomach and fall gracefully down the body. If possible opt for suspenders rather than belts.
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