Earrings for men

When men getting their ears pierced first became a large trend, the standard was a small silver or gold stud that was very understated and subtly drew attention to the piercing. Today, in 2010, the sky’s the limit for men’s earrings. With so many different options and upcoming trends, like platinum settings, different shaped jewels, and hoops, it’s impossible not to find a trendy and perfect earring for you. Platinum is among the most popular metal to make men’s jewelry from, and you really can’t go wrong with a platinum earring, whether it is a simple stud or a setting for a jewel of some kind. Platinum is also very popular in 2010 because it is somewhat cheaper than silver or gold. Platinum is very popular among men’s earrings also for its durability. You no longer have to wear a circular earring with a tiny little diamond in your ear. Square, oval, even triangular settings are very common and increasingly popular among men’s earrings in 2010. Look for a unique setting with a unique shaped diamond to really stand out from your peers. Unique shaped settings are also popular because men, like women, like their jewelry and style to in what they wear.

Hoop Earrings for Guys

Finally, a great trend for 2010 in regard to men’s earrings is the hoop. A huge hoop or a tiny little circle, it doesn’t matter. Choose a hoop size that works for you and wear it. Hoops aren’t for women anymore, and are very popular among men’s jewelers this year, especially in platinum metal.
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