Decade Mens Fashions, The 80s

So, you have a costume party or theme day at your local school, church, or even work. And you have no idea what, as a man, you should wear. There are many times throughout life that the occasion comes up for dressing to match a decade, and the 80s will most definitely be included in this. So what did men wear in the 80s? You may be lost, but it’s not near as difficult as you may think. With just a few tidbits of information about the 80s, you can dress to impress your crowd at your flashback party or occasion. The first thing to know about the 80s is that they were nothing like the previous decades. This decade had a distinctive style and groove to it. Shoes were almost invariably some type of platforms or leather boots of some sort for men. The 80s represented a transition period from the time of disco and hippies into a time of rock and modern times, so the fashions changed a little even through the short 10 years. Pants of the 80s ranged from bell bottoms to tight vinyl/leather pants – invariably tight for men no matter what. At this point men weren’t as modest and they wanted to show off their bodies a little. Shirts were so varied that they were not as different from today as you would think. Usually tight, they could range from a tight muscle shirt with a short hem and trimmed edges to an open leather shirt to show the chest area. And of course, you have to remember the accessories. Men wore headbands, and that was about it for head wear. The big hair was in then, and men rarely wore anything to cover up that popular style.
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