What to eat to get good muscles?

Men with athletic bodies are often seen in commercials or billboards. You'd think they were born that way or they fall from the sky. They have chocolate bar abs, well-trained pecs and well-trained muscles and concrete biceps. What secret are they hiding? How do you get the same result? Here are some tips just for you.

Start from the beginning!

This first step is the most important. Motivate yourself so much that you dream about it at night. Being convinced is not enough. You have to get started. Join a gym. That way, you'll feel compelled to go. Here, the change begins. Even if you don't really see the change, don't worry. You should know that having good muscles requires a lot of investment and sacrifice. Spend an hour to an hour and a half of your day going to the gym. Above all, don't miss any of your appointments. But it doesn't stop there. You will follow a strict diet because nutrition plays a very important role.

The muscles are also on your plate!

Believe it or not, a bodybuilder has to have a small snack every three hours. Opt for low-fat but high-protein meals such as meat, preferably white. Fish, for example. Above all, never miss the time of your meal. You should stop with French fries and burgers. Erase from your list of favourites all wheat-based dishes and especially fast sugars. Stop with treats, pastries, sweets, all sweet and alcoholic drinks without exception. Above all, remember that everything you eat will serve as material for the construction of your work of art: "your body". All this will be useless if you don't pay attention to your nutrition.

It takes perseverance too

At the very beginning, you're motivated, but as you work out, your mind can waver at any time. A fierce struggle and fight between your body and mind begins. Beware of temptation, because all the efforts you've made so far will come down like a house of cards. You must have a strong moral compass. Also, you must know that to have a beautiful musculature, it takes time. Be patient! Your body is slowly assimilating the nutrients and proteins you've been eating. Keep persevering in the gym. All your efforts will soon pay off. Motivate yourself every day by looking at a poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
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