Veet for men, for easy body hair removal

While it’s traditionally known that men are much hairier than women, not every man is happy with that fact. Many men cannot stand to have hair all over them, and these men often resort to shaving. Shaving leaves prickly stubble, and often it also means that a man has nicks and cuts on his arms or chest or wherever else he wants to shave. Not to mention, there is always the risk of razor burn, which can make anyone miserable. For men who don’t like hair and are tired of shaving, there is Veet for men. Veet has long been known as one of the leading products for easy body hair removal for women. Now they have a line just for men. The gel cream is quick and effective, and leaves skin smooth and hair free for up to 2 weeks. That’s not bad for just 4 minutes of your time! It rinses off easily and can be used right in the shower. The wax strips are ready for use, so there is no need for warming them up. The strips work very well on hair as short as 2 millimeters, and can be used anytime without a mess. The skin is left smooth and hair free for up to four weeks. Men can use Veet on their arms, chest, legs, shoulders, backs, and around their briefs. It shouldn’t be used on personal areas, the scalp, or on the face. Facial hair is very tough and the skin of the face very sensitive, so chemicals are not a good choice for those areas. Another thing to keep in mind is that only the gel cream should be used for the chest. You should also trim the hair you want to remove if you are planning on using the wax strips – a length no shorter than 2 millimeters is perfect.
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