Tips for Men, Maintaining Curly Hair

Curly hair on men can sometimes be very frustrating. Most men with curly hair complain that it is difficult to manage and maintain. But the right kind of cut and hair care product will make maintaining curly hair for men pretty easy. In fact curly hair on men can be very attractive as long as you follow some of these rules on maintaining curly hair. • No matter how your hair is cut or styled it is important to control the curls so that it won’t look bushy and frizzy. A large variety of curl control hair products are available in the market, choose one to tame your curls and do away with frizz. • For special occasions where you want to look your best, apply pomade to enhance your curls and keep it looking its best • If you want a new style or look, try using a straightening cream. This will straighten your hair without the punishing hair salon treatment to give you a new styling option. • One key factor in maintaining curly hair is the use of hair oil conditioners. This product will moisturize your hair and scalp and prevent it from becoming dry and having that steel-wool look. • Keep your curly locks short. The best way to deal with curly hair without bothering with hair products is to give it a very short cut very close to the head such as a buzz cut. • The extreme opposite to very short hair in maintaining curly hair is to keep it long. Long curly hair is softer and more manageable. Visit your barber at least once a month to trim the edges of your hair and to maintain its shape but make sure that only scissors will be used by your barber.
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