Facial Hair Styles for Guys

Man’s desire to look good is ethereal. Of course there are many reasons why men do that. They get better job, they get more beautiful women are just to name a few. There are facial hairstyles that have withstood time and became classics upon which men can rely on to make them more attractive.

The Clean Shave

Six words: razor, shaving cream and ten minutes. You may wonder why this style is here in the list when a clean does not have any hair at all. If a man wants a clean shave, he needs to have to keep not having it, which requires more maintenance than most hairstyles do. A clean shave is what most women prefer. You are in the safe zone.


Sideburns make women crazy about you. They apparently find it sexy. These would balance the facial features of men. The leng6th should not exceed the midpoint of he ears. Shorter or longer than that will look outdated.

The Moustache

This is actually hard to pull off. Apart from being too high maintenance, you are on borderline to having fashion faux pas. There have been many variations to this style. The updated look would require a man to have it a straight across cut.


The goatee style is timeless. It has been here for a long time. It used to be that the hair is only limited to the chin area but now many men would accompany their goatee with a moustache. Men would have the perfect excuse to look disheveled but still would retain their sexiness. Just look at Johnny Depp. This is actually a versatile style. Men could also have it perfectly groomed.


Stubble style makes men look rebellious. Women dig a little bit of rebel among men. For some reason they are attracted to this facial style too. It also requires less maintenance.
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