Big Feet, How to Make them Look Smaller

Some men feel so self-conscious about having big feet. Why they should feel that way is an enigma, but some really do feel embarrassed about big feet. Women are usually the one most concerned about big feet. In most cases tall men typically also have big feet. There are ways to make big feet less big or appear smaller; the right choice of a shoe style will help. Here are some tips on how to make big feet on men look smaller or shorter: - Wear rounded or squared toed shoes rather than shoes with pointed toes. Pointed toed shoes will make the feet even look longer and slimmer. - Choose dark colored shoes-black, brown or navy. Dark colored shoes will make your feet look smaller than white or tan shoes. - Wear shoes with a good fit. Shoes that are well fitting will improve the shape of your feet and make it appear slimmer. But don’t buy shoes that are smaller than your actual size. These may cause you pain and discomfort and may even result to your feet being deformed. - Select shoes with a slight sole or heel to break the elongated look of your feet. Flat shoes accentuate the straight line of a foot. - Avoid shoes that completely cover the top of the feet and choose shoes with opening nearer to the toes. - Look for shoes with tassels or straps or straps that are placed closer to the toes rather than the legs. - Avoid big looking shoes, it will make your feet appear bigger - Get away from rubber shoes. Unless your activity calls for it, such as indulging in sports, avoid wearing rubber shoes. They are bulky and make feet look bigger You may not physically make your feet smaller but with the right choice of style, color and design there is hope that your feet will appear smaller than they really are.
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